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We welcome PCB manufacturers to join our list of satisfied turnkey customers.

We take overall product responsibility from any point of design to complete production.

With our turnkey solutions, manufacturers can reduce logistics and inventory management costs and increase the availability of stock room space for R&D and other activities.

We offer an array of services including: 

  • In-house manufacturing of prototype, pilot and first production runs 
  • Material sourcing and purchasing 
  • New Product Introduction (NPI) services 
  • DFM for NPI 
  • Process validation
  • Quick turnaround for engineering approval 
  • Wide range of testing capacities 
  • SMD and TH technology 
  • BGA, Ceramic BGA and Micro BGA capability 
  • Press fit connectors 
  • ICT & Functional testing 
  • J-Tag testing 
  • BGA rework capability includes - Re-Balling of BGA components 
  • 3D X-Ray for BGA quality 
  • Mechanical assembly (boxes, harnesses, cables)