finish technologies m

We understand the importance of board finishing in high-level assembly and testing.

Based on customer, product and application requirements, the company has developed various finishing technologies facilitating the production of high-performance PCBs that are durable, reliable and stable. 

We offer a high-quality, process-controlled orientation that provides customers with the most appropriate solution for any finishing technology required.

The types of finishing available include: 

  • Hot air solder leveling (HASL) Tin-lead.
  • Organic Solderable Preservative (OSP) 
  • Electro less Nickel and Immersion Gold   
  • Immersion Silver 
  • Immersion Tin 
  • Electrolytic Nickel/Gold, hard and soft (wire bondable) 
  • Electrolytic Mat Tin 
  • Selective Nickel/Gold
  • Via holes plugging (Copper, Silver solder mask, epoxy)
  • Carbon paste: used for touch pads.
  • Selective finishing: 
    • Immersion & Electroplating Gold.
    • Combination of Electro-plating & Immersion finishing. 
    • ENIG with Electrolytic mat tin.
    • Electrolytic mat tin with electrolytic Ni-Au.
  • Heat sink finishing:
    • Electrolytic Nickel.
    • Electrolytic soft Gold